Amazon has picked one of my books…

namely, SEX DEATH DREAM TALK, for its new marketing program. The link below will take you to the book’s page, where you’ll see a GREEN BOX in the right-hand column that says “Read first chapter free.” Click that and you’ll get said chapter on your PC, Mac, Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Droid, Blackberry—pretty much anything outside of chisel-ready stone. The chapter will appear in a Kindle-like window complete with Kindle-like navigation. There’s even a button that allows you (if I may be so bold) to buy the complete book.

Give it a shot. It’ll only take a couple of minutes of your time to read.  You have nothing to lose–and you might gain a few laughs at my expense.  Many thanks.


The lit-crit take: A character-driven thriller, centering on themes of redemption, revelation and the power of the unknown.

The pure plot pitch: What do you do when clues to an unsolved murder have been coded in a stolen $50 million painting? You try to steal it back. Only you have to deal with corrupt collectors, crazy thieves, lust-powered women, shootouts, betrayals, double-crosses and surprises. And a psychic dog named Hillary. It’s not as easy as it sounds.


About Richard Sanders

I worked as an Executive Editor at Entertainment Weekly for 11 years and (in two separate stints) at People magazine and for 12 years. I often speak to young journalists and try to use myself as an example for inspiration—a guy who spent time in jail, rehab and a psych ward and somehow went on to become a successful editor at Time Inc. and managed to stay sane and alive. I’ve tried to reflect those experiences in my books. View all posts by Richard Sanders

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