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You can meditate on this (if you like)


You can meditate on this (if you like)

You can meditate on this (if you like)

You can meditate on this (if you like)

You can meditate on this (if you like)

The Deciding Moment: When To Save Your Life

Just did a story for The Fix about the time I threw a computer out of the Time-Life Building.

My Last Day of Drinking

Dead Line

I’m happy to tell you my new book is now available at Amazon and/or the Kindle store, the iPad’s iBooks store, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Sony, Kobo and Diesel.  (The major online links are below. For the iPad, of course, simply tap on your iBooks app.)

What’s it about?

The Lit-Crit Take: A genre-bending, character-driven, word-burning thriller about memory, identity and making peace with the past.

The Pure Plot Pitch: Sure, we all know about arrogant, self-centered media executives. But how about one who served time as a teen for murdering her sister? And who suddenly believes she’s possessed by the spirit of Indira Gandhi? And now, at the height of her power, a secret from her past is threatening to destroy her empire, while someone from that past is trying to take her life. Stop the damn presses!

I really depend on reviews to sell, so please share your thoughts wherever you make your purchase. No need for an essay—just one positive word or line will do: “Brilliant.” “Stupendous.” “It really CAN save you 15% on your car insurance.”

For a quick taste, go to:

For a constantly (or frequently, or often) updated blog about the media and other stuff related to Dead Line, go to:

The links:

Amazon (print version)


Barnes & Noble