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Dead Heat

I don’t expect you to read my new book, DEAD HEAT, but I do expect you to force your friends and family to read it. I don’t think threats of extortion or retaliation—or of something even worse—are too much to ask. And if they have the nerve to ask what DEAD HEAT is about, here’s what you can tell them:

The Lit-Crit Take: A genre-bending, character-driven, word-burning thriller about politics, love and the haunting pain of memory.

The Pure Plot Pitch: I didn’t know—or care—much about the tight race for governor of New York until someone took a shot at one of the candidates and killed his wife instead. The main suspect, it turns out, was an anti-government crazy (and a devoted quilter—yes, you heard that right) I once did time with. Searching for the killer, hoping to stop another attack, I was suddenly sucked into the panicky heart of a closely fought election campaign, an affair with a troubled political operative and the dangerously surreal world of people who prefer casting their vote with a sniper’s bullet.

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DEAD HEAT is available everywhere, including the Kindle, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iPad, Smashwords and Sony stores. Here are some of the bigger links:


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