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Sad to think that

the way things are going, the highpoint of Obama’s administration will be his Inauguration Day.


As the router spins

Love watching my router spin round and round and round…been staring at it for almost an hour now…Rick Perry seems like an interesting guy…

New interview with me on Off The Bookshelf

New interview with yours truly

On Freelance and Fiction.

Unspoken Words, Unanswered Questions

I’m trying out a new marketing idea. I’ve taken the opening of my latest book, Dead Line, and published it as a free, self-contained short story on Smashwords. If you haven’t read the book, and can only take me in small doses, you might enjoy this. You can download it in all formats at this link. Thanks.

An incredibly thoughtful review…


of my book, Dead Line, just went up on a new site, Split Seed Review.

You can meditate on this (if you like)